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This room is IMPORTANT and the directions for this are East, North or corner of North-East of the building’s Ground Floor, make sure that it’s not in the bedroom (should never be used for prayers also). Basement is again a place which should never be used for Puja room.

PMT Designs, vaastu, interior, direction, puja room The ceiling height of the room should be lesser than the height of the rest of the rooms, but if it’s not possible don’t worry, you can get falls ceiling done (its cost effective).

The best colors for floor are Whites and Light Yellows. The walls can be either of white, light yellow or light blue. The room should be very clean.

The deities ideally should be in the North-East part of the room. An important thing to be taken care of is “the faces of the Idols should never be covered be it, a mala (garland) or Pushp (flowers)”, Gods breath! Idols should not be kept facing each other.

Dia (lamp) should always be in front of the God; the direction to keep the puja samagri is the South-East of the Room.



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FYI Study Room is not only for students 🙂 the puja / meditation / The Study are also fit into “Study Room”.

West is the portion; where the Study Room should be planned.



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Some people feel clueless when they begin a decorating project. They know they want to re-design a room, but they have no clue where to start, am trying to help those with this series of “WOW! Kya Ghar Hai Uska !” am sure this will help you.


Bharat Tiwari


The easiest way to find your style is to start collecting ideas. Flip through decorating magazines or home improvement websites (http://www.PMTdesigns.in)and collect pictures of things that catch your eye like a particular sofa style,


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Do sketch your floor plan and record the room dimensions, window sizes and placement, and the location of special features, electrical outlets, and so on.

Take your floor plan with you when you shop.

Do take the time to discover your personal style by reading shelter magazines, attending show houses, and browsing online and in stores to learn what styles and colors really appeal to you.

Do identify the focal point of the room (a view, a bed, an armoire).

Do define a room’s style in writing , being specific. (Not just “puja room”, but “Room for Pooja with green soft carpet, specific hight storage and a color scheme that includes light blue “)


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