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kitchen cabinet design ideas photos

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kitchen glossy laminates

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kitchen drawers handles placement


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standard kitchen counter height india

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modular kitchen drawers india

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modular kitchen pull out drawers

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modular kitchen designs pictures india apartments

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modular kitchen best colour combination


©PMT Designs / Bharat Tiwari



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PMT-Design-photograph-of-a-delhi-office-design-furniture-conference-table-reception-workstation-wooden-laminated-floor-interior-designer-bharat-tiwari-saket-malviya-nagar-110-017-110017---1 PMT-Design-photograph-of-a-delhi-office-design-furniture-conference-table-reception-workstation-wooden-laminated-floor-interior-designer-bharat-tiwari-saket-malviya-nagar-110-017-110017---21 PMT-Design-photograph-of-a-delhi-office-design-furniture-conference-table-reception-workstation-wooden-laminated-floor-interior-designer-bharat-tiwari-saket-malviya-nagar-110-017-110017---321 PMT-Design-photograph-of-a-delhi-office-design-furniture-conference-table-reception-workstation-wooden-laminated-floor-interior-designer-bharat-tiwari-saket-malviya-nagar-110-017-110017---4321 PMT-Design-photograph-of-a-delhi-office-design-furniture-conference-table-reception-workstation-wooden-laminated-floor-interior-designer-bharat-tiwari-saket-malviya-nagar-110-017-110017---54321

Bharat Tiwari

PMT Designs


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Designer: Bharat Tiwari (PMT Designs, New Delhi)

This time

the area was not big and …

they [Citelum] asked me to give four desks

and maximum storage.

Here’s how it looks



+91 98 11 66 4796

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Designing an office is like composing music, writing a song… its music to my soul.

osr-pmt-designs-new-delhi-office-interior-designer-designers-bharat-tiwari-best-conference-table-workstation-chair-partition (6)Sharing some pictures of the Aristotle Consultancy Pvt Ltd, office of Sanjeev and Deepak (http://aristotleconsultancy.com/)  what is visible includes – ceiling, lights (LED lights used), partition (made of gypsum, glass, wood etc.), conference table with cable management system (including HDMI), chairs, flooring (wooden and vitrified tiles), ceiling height filing cabinet (with hetich sliding system), overhead storage, workstations… and much more.

Want to know more, you may mail me directly on mail@bharattiwari.com or text me on +91 98 11 66 4796.


Bharat Tiwari

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osr aristotle preetvihar D_8

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These are actual drawings of the office, you can see the office plan in 3d as well as the floor plan, the element of the office includes –

Reception area – Reception Desk, Sofa (lounge), etc.,

Meeting Room with table,

Office area that has …

Workstations with frosted glass privacy panel, tag board (pinup board), drawers etc.,

Overhead storage,

Ceiling height storage with ‘hetich’ sliding fitting (Top line 20),

Three inch (3″ / 75 mm) partition made of gypsum board, wood/aluminium, commercial ply-board, glass, etc..

Conference room with table for eight having cable management system for electric, data, hdmi, etc.,

Two executive cabins

Other elements includes…

Chairs – task/working, executive, conference, visitor etc


Bharat Tiwari


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Here are some  residential/house designs rendered in 3D


Bharat Tiwari

PMT Designs


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osr-mamta_ji_Residence_A_2 osr-mamta_ji_Residence_A_3 osr-mamta_ji_Residence_A_4 osr-mamta_ji_Residence_A_5

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(C) PMT Designs

YKK Server Storage – Back view

osr_pmt_janaksons_server_storage - back view_01

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