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Delhi 6 again

It was not what i had expected it to be, but its good.

the sad part is that the songs are full like you expect in a hindi movie, that’s injustice.

still you may end up liking the movie

good night


bharat tiwari


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Ultimately after a long wait Dilli – 6 (Delhi 6) is now in the theatre… have been listing the songs from last so many days “Genda Phool” what a song and in fact i set “Arziyan” my caller tune too. One more thing on the songs that … AR will always come out with something you cant dream of, and “Dil Gira Dafatan” is a song which am sure no body else can compose and singing by “Ash King” never heard about him but kudos to him, don’t know how AR had made him sing so beautifully making “Prasoon Joshi’s” word alive.

Planning to watch it tonight, keeping my fingers crossed that movie is as good as the songs are.

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Sarkar Raj

Really the movie is great.

Though I don’t think the rest us (Vasundhra, Mohsin & Kids) liked it, but I was thrilled. RGV has done good job and so are Amitabh ji, Abhishek, and Aish.

My advice: when you watch (which U should) this one just. follow each and every scene and keep a track of the dialogues (this is the key).

One thing that I could not understand is that why RGV has got glued to closeups, U can count the hairs at Amitabh ji’s neck.

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