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Its not easy to coordinate between various layouts; when designing you have a 2D floor plan, which seems incomplete without a 3D layout as the 3D layout makes it easier otherwise the lines and curves and lines and dotted lines of 2d floor plan or section …. is confusing.

And then once you have the 3D layout all are happy … i mean the carpenter is happy and so is the carpenter’s entire team (we forget that everyone is not an architect, equipped to understand the meanings of codes and languages of CAD), the mession is happy…. its like each and everyone who has a say in the office (or home) being made is glad.

Its not over yet as somewhere someone wants to see the real look, the rendered look of the room, the living room or the bedroom wall….. so you have the third element coming in thats rendered view.

Coordinating between these three might even make the boss happy…

ok boss?

check these images.


bharat tiwari

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Here are some  residential/house designs rendered in 3D


Bharat Tiwari

PMT Designs


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osr-mamta_ji_Residence_A_2 osr-mamta_ji_Residence_A_3 osr-mamta_ji_Residence_A_4 osr-mamta_ji_Residence_A_5

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There are 6 basic elements used in all aspects of interior design and decorating.  If you correctly incorporate all or most of these elements you will have created a beautiful and functional room.


There are two types of balance – symmetrical and asymmetrical.  Perfect symmetry is like the human body – two eyes, two arms etc.  Symmetrical balance is typically very formal.  Asymmetry, on the other hand, refers to an imbalance, perhaps two candlesticks of slightly different sizes placed next to each other.  Asymmetry is used to add visual motion and excitement to a space, and therefore it is considered a more informal way of decorating.



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