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Designer: Bharat Tiwari (PMT Designs, New Delhi)

This time

the area was not big and …

they [Citelum] asked me to give four desks

and maximum storage.

Here’s how it looks



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(C) PMT Designs

YKK Server Storage – Back view

osr_pmt_janaksons_server_storage - back view_01

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Neatly covered with 3 drawers on the right making it easy to keep the washed utensils


Main Platform


To have more space as this the area we complain of not having enough room to keep the kitchen items. 3 Tall drawers and 2 for keeping accessories along with a cupboard that keeps the LPG cylinders and has room for keeping those one of the big sacks.03022012642



The over head storage on the sink cabinet hides the water filter keeping the access to the tap intact; along with some more space for keeping the kitchen accessories needed close to the sink (a perfect place for detergent etc.)



Awesome storage on top of the main platform as you can see a hint of the chimney peeping beneath the 2nd door from the left; the chrome gives an edge to the designing and rest of the 3 doors will keep all the kitchen items from smallest to the biggest.



03022012634 copy

Fall in love with your kitchen ….


Bharat Tiwari

PMT Designs



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tageco office with workstationOSR

Small space …

Big requirements…

This has a big L shape workstation with drawers and a senior executive can sit comfortably can swing back to attend a visitor on a small round glass table. The room has a ceiling height storage that stores refrigerator water dispenser (yes both of them) and then the rest of the space is for keeping whatever… a clean straight line design..

Regards Bharat Tiwari, PMT Designs, New Delhi, India

tageco office with workstation

tageco office with workstationtageco office with workstation

tageco office with workstationtageco office with workstationtageco office with workstation

tageco office with workstationtageco office with workstation

tageco office with workstationtageco office with workstation


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A compact sleek square meeting table in glass top with slot in the glass for switches and sockets… a hexagonal pillar base.

A storage unit to take care of a small refrigerator, water dispenser and loads of storage area…



(To see the large image click on individual photograph


Bharat Tiwari

osr TagEcoDadri3 ly_01osr TagEcoDadri3 ly_02osr TagEcoDadri3 ly_03osr TagEcoDadri3 ly_04osr TagEcoDadri3 ly_05osr TagEcoDadri3 ly_08osr TagEcoDadri3 ly_06osr TagEcoDadri3 ly_07osr TagEcoDadri3 ly_10osr TagEcoDadri3 ly_09


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Renovation of the right wing.

Initial drawings here… Regards Bharat Tiwari

osr pmt gras noida rw01 ly_13osr pmt gras noida rw01 ly_01osr pmt gras noida rw01 ly_02




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