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Showrooms &  stores are not only close to the owner’s heart but to   their family and friends also, everyone who is opening a new showroom of anything the designing is next to primary (which is the product).

In other words interior design for a showroom could be – showroom design for cloth, showroom design for tiles, showroom design for furniture, showroom design for shoes…. interior design for electronics showroom and interior design for jewellery showroom, innovative and practicle showroom design ideas wont come easy … thats why showroom designers in delhi rathere everywhere have to be aware of international trend.

Enough said.

Posting some showroom design pictures of a project in process.

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Tackle a crowded closet by completely emptying it and creating piles of items to keep, repair, donate, or toss. Further break down the keepers into clothes of the same type so you can see what kind of storage you need.


Decorating Ideas Big Style for Small RoomsDecorating Ideas Big Style for Small Rooms



































































Regards Bharat Tiwari                             source :: http://www.meredith.com

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FYI Study Room is not only for students 🙂 the puja / meditation / The Study are also fit into “Study Room”.

West is the portion; where the Study Room should be planned.



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Authentic feng shui, rather  “traditional” or “classical” feng shui, is an ancient practice first developed some 6,000 years ago by the Neolithic Chinese.
The early findings blossomed into a sophisticated, well-honed tradition by the Tang dynasty (618–907 C.E.). Essentially, classical feng shui is a system based on keen observation of heavenly (time) and earthly (interior and exterior space)
forces and how the qi of each interact. It is a practice of balancing these forces. With balance comes the likelihood of better health, wealth, and relationships. With balance, feng shui gives you the impetus, and the drive, to succeed!

bharat tiwari:: feng shui explained Feng shui literally translates to “wind water,” the two natural elements that direct qi to a settlement, dwelling, or burial site. Figuratively, the term represents the art and science of living in harmony with your environment.




POST YOUR VIEWS… on Feng shui :: I want more  / I Don’t / I Know ……

Regards Bharat Tiwari

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Friends great decorating does not necessarily mean it has to cost a lot of money or take a great deal of time.

The things that make a home fabulous are using elements in unexpected ways. Just because they call it a china closet…doesn’t mean you have to store china in it.

PMT Designs

Don’t get hung up on what the original purpose of the room was – use it how it works best for your lifestyle. Just because they called it a dining room doesn’t mean it can’t be a sitting room. Think outside the box  and have fun with your home!





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image Just because you don’t have a celebrity checkbook doesn’t mean that you can’t have celebrity style! Anyone can re-decorate their home or apartment – even with limited funds! Consider the following:image  

1. Decide ahead of time on a budget or payment plan, pace your decorating. Include money for accessories.

2. Decide on one room at a time and designate a priority within your room. That’s where you should begin. image

3. Have a plan, color scheme, style, & atmosphere.


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Do sketch your floor plan and record the room dimensions, window sizes and placement, and the location of special features, electrical outlets, and so on.

Take your floor plan with you when you shop.

Do take the time to discover your personal style by reading shelter magazines, attending show houses, and browsing online and in stores to learn what styles and colors really appeal to you.

Do identify the focal point of the room (a view, a bed, an armoire).

Do define a room’s style in writing , being specific. (Not just “puja room”, but “Room for Pooja with green soft carpet, specific hight storage and a color scheme that includes light blue “)


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